A hybrid open-architecture IT solutions provider. So many buzzwords! What does that even mean?


FOGNETx isn't a "cloud" company. While we exist in that nebulous space, we are located wherever you need your service/solutions delivered. Need that service in the back office, lab, manufacturing floor? We are there. Need it it on all 7 continents? We can do 6 today (Always looking for an opportunity in Antarctica). We won't try to convince you that since we only sell a hammer, all of your problems are nails.


FOGNETx strives to provide affordable services, timely delivery, and at the best performance possible. To achieve these three goals, we realized that our service needed to be built to work across any infrastructure provider. We maintain our own core datacenters but are able to pull in other providers as modular blocks that allow us to fully control service delivery and expectations. This gives us nearly limitless scale for our customers.

FOGNETx, at its core, is made up of knowledgeable enterprise engineers who have broad experience across multiple domains. We aren't a sales organization with a technology product. We are your IT organization, driven to help you succeed.